Most of us, if not all, indulged over the holidays. Who can resist the temptation of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, bread, cheese, and cookies. Let’s face it… we all do it. But now it’s time to get your health back on track. Here are some pointers to help you spring back into shape and stay healthy.

With our current economic state, it is inevitable for many to feel more stress than usual.  A little bit of stress can be good at times, but when stress becomes prolonged or consistent in one’s life, the effects can have a negative impact on the body.  So let’s discuss the physiology of stress to better understand why it is essential to keep it under control, and ultimately keep the body in a state of optimum health.

Since we and many FYL clients enjoy running, we thought this would be a great topic to discuss.  Whether you are a beginner or have years and races under your belt, chances of experiencing aches and pains from running are quite high. The repetitive hip and knee motions, as well as the high impact on joints are bound to create increased muscle tension and potential restrictions and pain in tissues. Many runners can usually “run through the pain”, but if the cause of the problem is not addressed, these issues can eventually increase in severity and force runners to stop. Luckily there are simple things that runners can do to decrease the chances of injury. Based on experiences with our FYL clients, common causes of running injuries include improper footwear, poor running surfaces, and lack of stretching.

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