Registered Kinesiology

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the assessment of human movement and performance and its rehabilitation and management to maintain, rehabilitate or enhance movement and performance (Kinesiology Act, 2007). Registered Kinesiologists apply the latest evidence-based research to improve function, health and wellness of people in all settings and populations.

Registered Kinesiology

At Fab Your Life Fitness we are proud to employ expert kinesiologists who help our clients address any physical issues they may be having and help return them to wellness.

You may not be familiar with the term kinesiologist; but if you have worked with a physiotherapist or personal coach chances are they studied kinesiology. People who study kinesiology often go into medical-related fields related to exercise science. Kinesiology is the study of human mechanics and movement. By combining the study of biomechanics, anatomy and psychology kinesiologists are able to address a wide range of client concerns.

The main goals of kinesiology are:

  • Building muscle strength and endurance
  • Working to restore proper body alignment
  • Assisting with joint mobility
  • Working on coordination and balance
  • Individualized exercise training

Whether you are recovering from a specific injury or illness, or are trying to maintain your current level of muscle strength and mobility, our kinesiologists will be able to help you. At Fab Your Life our kinesiologists are always studying the latest evidence-based research so that their clients can receive the best care possible.

In recent years stress has been identified as a major contributing factor to injury and illness. Brief periods of stress are a normal part of life and our bodies and minds can usually bounce back from these periods. But when stress becomes constant over a prolonged period of time it can deeply impact multiple parts of our bodies and lead to overall ill health. Kinesiologists can identify where in your body you are storing your stress and how to relax your muscles which will lead to improved mood and overall wellness.

Fab Your Life kinesiologists use different exercise techniques, stretches and weight training techniques to help clients recover their strength and avoid future injuries. When dealing with a chronic illness our kinesiologists often develop life-long connections with their clients and help them return to wellness – both physically and mentally.

Get in touch today to see how one of our expert kinesiologists can help you.