Registered Dietician Services

Fab Your Life Registered Dietician Services

At Fab Your Life our goal is always to provide our clients with the resources for them to achieve and maintain optimal health and well-being. While many people choose to work with a personal trainer or a chiropractor sometimes people miss the crucial role their diet has to play in their overall health. Our Registered Dietician is available to work with you, and even you and your family, to make sure the diet choices you are making supports your overall goals.

Dieticians are highly trained and educated professionals regulated by the Ontario Government. Registered Dieticians hold a degree from a university in a major related to human nutrition and dietetics; they also complete an in-person practicum either as part of the undergraduate degree or post-graduate work. Also, in Canada, in all provinces (with the exception of Quebec) require those wishing to be a Registered Dietician to write the Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination, the provincial regulatory body also ensures that Registered Dietician’s stay up to date with their skills and are qualified to provide ethical and safe treatment to clients.

Clients that work with a Registered Dietician are often surprised at how much their diet can impact their health and how they feel. Diets in North America have changed over time and with more processed foods available and people spending less time cooking at home our diets can often be lacking in the crucial nutrients and vitamins we need to thrive.

Working with the Fab Your Life Registered Dietician can help you create meal plans that will help you and your family achieve optimal health. Below are some of the issues our Registered Dietician can assist you with:

  • Chronic Health Issues (such as diabetes, IBS or high blood pressure)
  • Disordered Eating
  • Weight Management
  • Practical Advice on Menu Planning
  • Managing Food Intolerances or Allergies

Give us a call today to get started on your journey to wellness with our Registered Dietician.

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